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Data Science department main responsibilities are to provide knowledge, insights, and a valuable information about the risk involved with insurance businesses.
The department is currently located in Israel, but in the future, it might have additional branches in other countries as well.
Our slogan is: “In God we trust; all others must bring data” (William E. Deming), and we are focused on a constant improving our data quality, our methods of analysis and algorithms, and on keeping our mood and our passion up.


Member of the Board

Entrepreneur, founder of Telesens KSCL AG - one of the world's leading telecommunications billing companies with 1,600 employees in 13 countries, responsible for a turnover of around EUR 400 million. Founded ManOilGroup AG. As CEO Genadi led the company specialising in technologies for the large-scale treatment of oil spills and oil sludge. 



Chief technical officer

In the Israeli Air Force, he was the lead software engineer in the development of the latest communication systems that go on board all IAF platforms (fighter planes, drones, helicopters, etc.) on a classified Israeli adaptation of the ARC-210 from Rockwell Collins Aerospace Designs. Based on this system, Verizon, Bell and other major cellular communication providers were able to provide customers with access to the Internet via the phones.


Dr. Joseph Levitas

Head of Data Science

Dr. Joseph (Yossi) Levitas has more than 20 years of algorithmic and data experience from the leading Israeli and Worldwide technological companies as Rafael, Intel, Nanometrics, etc., by side to a wide teaching, consulting, and lecturing activity. He holds B.Sc., M.Sc., and D.Sc. degrees in Aerospace Eng. from Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).


Zehavi Kelman

Data Scientist

Mr. Zehavi Kelman has about 3 years of algorithmic experience and 4 years as data scientist from IDF’s prestigious technological unit. He holds B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, and M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics, both from Bar-Ilan University. Working with python (pandas, numpy, scipy, sk-learn) and SQL.


PH. D.

Sarit's research is focused on intelligent agents and multi-agent systems (including people and robots). In particular, she studies the development of intelligent agents that can interact proficiently with people and with robots. She studies both cooperative and conflicting scenarios. She considers modeling human behavior and predicting their decisions necessary for facing these challenges as well as the development of formal models for the agent’s decision making. She has also contributed to the research on machine learning, agent optimization, autonomous vehicles, homeland security, adversarial patrolling, social networks and nonmonotonic reasoning.

PH. D.

Valery  has a Ph. D. in artificial intelligence and machine learning.  He has used AI and other advanced technologies for over 20 years. As CTO, he led the development of products from idea to market. Under his leadership, leading-edge products have been developed for AI-based drug design, software problem-cause analysis, optimal placement of television advertising and understanding text and video content. These products have been sold to leading pharmaceutical companies, software houses, television stations and digital content owners around the world.



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